Online Casino Players

Online Casino Players

1.) Beginner

This is a super obvious one, but still – there is always at least one newbie in the online casino! This is the person who tries to be super friendly to everyone and plays cool when he doesn’t know what’s going on. He appears super savvy when it comes to gaming and 711 kelab betting, but in the meantime you notice how he / she gets involved at the last minute and asks several silly questions in the live chat. And when you see the newbie is super confused and suddenly you are very sure you want to win – bam! – wins! Beautiful!

2.) The old dog

The opposite of the beginner: the old dog! Usually a guy in his 40s or 50s, probably a very arrogant person with a keen sense of humor who knows all the wizard tricks and spoils all the fun for other players! He will judge you, take all your money and show you that he is not playing any games. And ultimately, he’ll still be the best person you meet on the table.

3.) The black cat

We know there are a lot of animal references happening, but just bring them with us ?? (I can’t stop punishing!)! Then you probably know what we mean by black cat – that’s right, bad luck or no luck! This is probably one of our favorite types of online games for several reasons. One, because this person simply has no luck at stake – he always loses, he always places the wrong bets, it’s like he’s damned.

4.) Economic excitement

This is the guy (or lady) who will 100% annoy you in a game because it’s just cheaper. You can see their enthusiasm and confidence as you play, but it is all ruined when you look at their bets and see that they are less than a pound. Another very related term for these people is “play it safe” or “control only”.

5.) The Phantom

It has nothing to do with popular opera, but is often a guest at a casino table! This is the person who unexpectedly shows up at the table, looks around and then disappears. Phantom never plays, never or rarely participates in live chat conversations and… it actually never plays! It sounds weird, it looks weird and mysterious, but it’s honestly fun to be honest. The casual look and disappearance of this person is a great conversation starter and a great way to distract others while betting.

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